Monday, September 19, 2011

Hurts So Good

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with my fourth child but it may as well be my first go around.  Each twinge, pang and pull is met with hopeful optimism.  Every time I visit the ladies room, approximately every three minutes if you are keeping track, there is the great white hope that I will find some sign the baby is on his way. 

I perform endless "Google" searches with phrases like "signs of labor," "natural ways to get labor started," and "37 weeks pregnant contractions."  These searches yield hundreds of thousands of hits with countless stories of labor, delivery and of course the detailed of symptoms of Mommies gone by.  I read each account hungrily, as if soaking in more knowledge will somehow rupture my membranes and set into motion the process that will finally bring this torture to an end.

Everyday it gets worse.  I get less patient.  I even wore my lucky "water-breaking" pants to work today.  

Experience has taught me that such behavior is fruitless and frustrating but yet I still engage.

The pain of labor is nothing compared to teh agony of waiting.  The "what if" and "what does that mean?"  is enought to drive any sane person batty let alone a very pregnant lady who is hanging by a very thin thread. 

I know that he'll come when he is ready.  But Momma is ready NOW. 

My Cup of Tea

My little sisters positive pregnancy test was joyous news.  Not just for the happy couple but for me as well.  I have spent countless hours planning, and plotting her baby-related life.

Everything from her baby shower to the her labor & delivery "survival kit"  - -

This afforded me a creative outlet, a place to focus my own prenatal energy. 

I have had SO much fun and enjoyed every minute and much like an athlete might watch tape of his/her highlights over and over again, I have decided to dedicate a page of my blog to my creative endeavors.  The hope is that I might revisit the success of my Superbowl of Special Events and maybe even inspire others to do the same.

So...if you are interested, check out my new page:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My "View" on the World

I'm still here....but my hands a little full:) 

Nowhere to rest the laptop lately. 

I'll write more "later."