Meet the Monkey Makers

Erin is working mother of three, who pays the bills as a high-school business teacher.  She is an aspiring writer, photographer, and owner of unstained carpet.  She lives in Dillsburg, PA with her charming, handsome and self-described clean-freak husband.  She blogs about life, liberty and the pursuit of perfection at her blog, Am I Doing This Right?
My Personal Favorites....


  1. Are you on twitter? You have to get on twitter. Takes 2 seconds to set up an account, and from reading your posts, you'd be great at the interaction that goes on there.

    I get over 45% of my site traffic from tweeters that follow me home, from what I tweet out.

    I hope you do. Let me know...I'll ask people to follow you.
    It's so much fun! And you meet so many people.

  2. WHY aren't you on twitter yet??? xo