Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Support System

It was Saturday night in New York City.  I was not out painting the town, or hitting the clubs.  I was there on business.  I was there to achieve a goal, to accomplish something that I have long desired to do.  I trained hard for this endeavor and I was ready.    All except for one small detail.

Well.  Two details.  Two HUGE Details.

I. Forgot. My. Sportsbras.

That's right. 

Me, Double D, with the three times preggo but no times nursing, huge, hefty-size fun bags forgot her sportsbras.  And no, that is NO TYPO- I wear two. 

Two very serious, very expensive, unyielding, ugly-ass sports bras. 

I need them. 

I will NOT run without them.

I frantically sent a text message to my cousin who regularly runs braless, and let her know about my devastating discovery.  The agony that I was feeling did NOT translate via text and she replied with a breezy, "just wear your bra." 

I stared back at the small phone screen.  She clearly did not understand and who could blame her.  You can't fault a homeless person who fails to empathize with the millionaire whose diamond shoes are too tight.  The same logic applies here. 

"That is not possible." I whimper to no one in particular.

I learned a few thing that weekend.  I learned that Duane Reade, the popular drug store chain in Manhattan, does NOT sell sports bras.  I learned that although you can purchase a pair of pants made only of neoprene on the corner at 3AM, sports bras are much less readily available.   

I did not sleep well my mind spinning, thinking of my dilemma.  I pondered my options and came up with a few. 

I would run the race in my Spanx, my suction cup tank top and the three underwire bras I had brought along for the weekend. Sure, I would likely suffer severe chaffing and bleeding but at least I wouldn't knock myself unconscious while I ran. 


I would hide in the bushes of Central Park, lying in wait for some unsuspecting albeit well endowed and well supported female runner to pass by and I would take her down.  I am not usually a violent person but desperate times called for desperate measures.

In the end we were able to find a fix and I wore several of her teeny tiny little laughable bras.  Bras that would fit snugly on Barbies little sister, Skipper.  I ran 6.2 miles with my girls being held up by barely enough lycra and spandex to fashion a swimmers cap but I did survive.

After the race my sweet cousin suggested I take the bras home after the race, restating the fact that she "hardly ever uses them."  I thanked her but said I didn't think it would be fair, my bigger bras would just make fun of them.   


  1. man!! I so wish I knew that I had options...it was touch and go for awhile...but we survived - me and the saggy sisters:)

  2. Dear Lord - do I ever know that you KNOW!! I thought about you - believe me!! It's not even like I am "that" busty...it's just that they are THAT saggy!!!

    thanks for being so supportive!! It means the world to me!

  3. OMG!! I did laugh at your witty account of a heinous situation... Damn, I live less than 15 miles from the heart of manhattan - next time, ring me up and I'll make sure to offer you, er, support. ;)

  4. Once again my friend, If anyone in the world understands how torturous this experience must have been, ITS ME! Do you remember the bunkbed/boob pictures of me in college and the horrified expression on your face! HAHAHAHAHA!!! oh and did I mention how proud I am of you for running the race? Maybe I should tell you AGAIN! I'M SO GOSH DARN PROUD OF YOU!

  5. Oh dear this happened to me too during my last 3K run two days before the marathon. I walked to the trail and when I started running that's when I realized I didn't have my sports bra on. I just had a midriff that didn't have much support. You wanna know what I did? Because I was too lazy to walk back home to wear my bra...When no one was in sight, I held my breasts to support them while I was running! LOL! How embarrassing! I really hope no one saw me! Thank God it was only 3 kilometers! =D

  6. Support systems are varied and come in many forms. Support bras are specialized and mandatory for those of us well (?!) endowed women and my heart goes out to you in this dilemma. What a champ you are for forging ahead and making the most of it. Well done!

  7. Must be a very embarrassing experience, as said bras are designed for specific purposes and am very happy that you were able to run with your regular bra.

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  9. I was thankful that I came up with an alternative b/c running in my "regular bra" was NEVER going to happen - I can barely walk to the kitchen with my "regular bra" - I have "those" kind of JUGS:(

    Nice to meet you by the way!

  10. Thanks momma - I owe you a thank you for showing me the best of foundations, bras and support systems of all kinds -

    I also should be mad at you b/c the boobs are totally your fault!!


  11. I coudln't run five steps without the sports bra - You are a rock star for forging ahead:)

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