My Cup of Tea

Seven hundred years ago, when I was pregnant with Monster-Monkey, a dear friend gave me the most amazing pre-delivery gift, a "survival kit" for my labor & delivery hosiptial stay.  It was, to say the least, a lifesaver.  A kit that I tossed in my bag that contained the essentias, good shampoo and conditioner, hair ties, bobby pins, chapstick, the works. There was no way for me to know at the time how invaluable this package truly was.  But I know now. 

I used everything in the bag.  Everything.  Gratefully.

Since the day that my little sister told me that she was expecting a bundle of joy in December I have been excitedly planning little ways that I can impart my own first hand knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth and everythign between starting with making her a hospital survival kit.   
So here it is, the ultimate Labor & Delivery Hospital Survival Kit....according to one ReluctantMomma.

Item #1 - Shampoo & Conditioner...for the your first post-delivery shower, which will feel like the most incredible shower you have ever taken and should certainly be enjoyed with such amenities as familiar and "nice smelling" products. 
Item #2 - Shaving Cream....similar logic, see Item #1. 

Item #3 - Facewash (with "scrublet")....little mini-facial to make your skin glow
Item #4 - Toothbrush(es) for you and one for the the bastard who did this to you
Item #5 - Deodorant...This stuff is AMAHZING, truly smells like a shower in a bottle
Item #6 - is really hard to sleep in the hospital so you might need a bit of help and TRUST me...they aren't quick to give it up.
Item #7 - Ibuprofen....hospitals are not friendly places to get meds. If, God -Forbid, hubby gets a headache and needs a little soothing, it will take an act of Congress to get him two's best to bring your own

 Item #9 -  Stool Softener....ummm...
Item #10 - Feminine Wipes....
Item #11 - Brand name pads...the hospital will give you some but they feel more like a college textbook and you will want something gentle for your girl parts
Item #12 - Gum & mints
Item #13 - Lo Lo 
  Item #14 - TUMS....but only the Wintergreen ones (they have generic in the hospitals)
Item #15 - Baby Powder
Item #16 - Make-Up Remover Cloths
Item #17 - "Picture Perfect"
Just a few makeup items that will come in handy while everyone is snapping pictures.
Mascara, Eyelash Curlers, Chappy with sparkle, and a little cheek color....
A little goes a long way:)

Item #18 - Birthing Ball --- The only comfortable place to sit during the last few weeks...TRUST ME:)
Item #19 & 20 -  cute little nightgown (w/ short sleeves for easy access to BP cuff) and snuggly socks - also a pair of slippers for walking the halls to get that baby out:)

Anything I forgot?


  1. Perfect! you are the best big sister ever! hope you pack some of this stuff for yourself too :)

  2. She definitely is the best big sister ever!! Don't know what I'd do without her!!

  3. a baggie of change for the vending machines because hospital food is nasty and sometimes you give birth at 1030 at night (well, I did) and there is no food to be found and you turn in to a ravenous beast! just sayin... P.S. I wish someone had made me that bag!

  4. I wish someone had made this for me when I was packing my hospital bag a few months ago... instead I packed all those things myself! ;)