Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I don't usually make a huge fuss over things like gloves and hats.  In fact I have a very laissez faire policy on such things.  Wear them if you want, or don't...they are your fingers. 

I do not believe that "cold" causes "sick."  I do not believe that a hat will keep you healthy.  I do not believe in the power of mittens. 

I myself rarely wear coats.  I am generally so overheated after trying to get myself and my three monkeys out the door that I feel no need for a coat.   I NEVER wear hats or gloves. 

This being said, I have become very invested in recent days in the whereabouts of the multiple sets of hat and gloves that have been sent to school, never to be seen again.

These items seem to vanish into a black hole, the same place that puzzle pieces and "Memory" matches go.  The Bermuda Triangle of Tupperware lids, sippy cup inserts and mismatched socks. 

The school, being responsible and acting with the best interests of the children in mind, requires that each child have one hat and one pair of gloves in order to be able to play outside. 

Somewhere back in the late fall, when the weather was just starting to turn chilly, I was ahead of the game.  I sent three hats and three pairs of matching gloves into the school.  One set for each child, individually bagged and labeled. 

Although the names of my children were assigned to each item with indelible ink to the best of my ability, it was only a matter of time.   Eventually the marker wore off & the labeled baggie found it's way into the trash.  And so it is that I am now behind the parental eight ball once again.

Since that day I have sent two more hats and an additional three sets of gloves (not matching) into school with my oldest son.  At last count that means five hats and 40,493 gloves have gone to school and not returned. 

Do I blame the school?  NO WAY. 

Because there is no way to reliably label tiny, child sized gloves.  Until now..

Introducing Label Daddy - this is GENIUS! 

They make, among other things, machine washable and dryer safe, peel n' stick labels that attach perfectly to practically all clothing.  No ironing, no sewing necessary, no markers needed.  Completely customizable, the kids will go crazy for these little stickers.  The website is a cinch to use and very reasonably priced. 

I am crazy for this concept!  I have placed my first order and can't wait to report back - I hope that these are truly all they are cracked up to be!  There is nothing quite like a great success story!

**By the way...I was not asked to review this product -
I just saw it and thought it was a great idea!**


  1. Stefanie Wilder Taylor has a discount code on her website Baby On Bored. I think it may have been something like 20%?? I'd like to try Label Daddy!

  2. that's actually where I saw the link - what a FABULOUS idea - I was JUST racking my brain for a solution to this issue and BAM - there it was!!!

  3. Yes, let us know how they work.

  4. Totally gonna have to look into these label thingies for my son's stuff! Great tip - and hope you're having a lovely evening :)

  5. Keep us updated and let us know how well they work!!! I too can't figure out how my basket of gloves and hats that was overflowing a few short weeks ago is pretty much empty!

  6. Sounds really promising!

  7. Er--found this looking for a way to contact you...been following it for a couple months now...and I'm addicted to your blog!! I love all of it. You have such a wonderful talent for writing. It's funny because as I read your posts, I hear them in your voice (if that makes sense, and hopefully doesn't make me sound crazy!). I miss you so much! So many tough days that I have I remind myself of something you told me a long time ago..."When you get to the end of your room, tie a knot and swing". I really look forward to reading your posts, it feels like keeping in touch with you! You are an amazing woman Erin :) Sorry it took me so long to comment, nervous you wouldn't respond I guess...Hopefully hear from you soon!

  8. that quote was supposed to say "When you get to the end of your ROPE, tie a knot and swing!" Oops

  9. i just looked at this blog again... I miss Ri guy's cheesy smile... the top picture makes me laugh... its so him :)

  10. okay-I have a billion tupperware lids and a million tupperware containers, do any of them match? No. No they don't...
    Chutes and Ladders pieces all over the place? Yes. Yes I do...
    thankfully we live in FL and I don't have to worry about gloves and hats. Your cold? Put your hands in your pockets...
    Or I would go bankrupt trying to supply those items to the school for my kids...

  11. You are funny - I am there with the "hands in your pockets if you are cold" - my son went to bed in tears becuase he lost another hat - I am seriously considering super gluing it to his head...

  12. I love it too!! I miss you guys!

  13. Hey there chicky!!! I was wondering who my reader in the UK was???
    I am so honored and flattered that you follow me:) I miss you too -

    I hope you are well!!!! Kiss those kiddos and that handsome devil of a hubby!

    thanks for all of the kind words about my writing - I really love it!

  14. We'll see - I'll let you know!

  15. Apparently there is a discount code for 20% off on a more popular blogger's site:) Find it and use it - wish I had:) ha ha ha

  16. will do:) Here's to hoping they are good!