Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I fear that my children are becoming brats.  Not in the sense that they are mean spirited or nasty, but brats that do not appreciate anything. 

I worry with good reason. 

Because they don't.  Appreciate.  Anything. 

They receive constantly.  Gifts, attention, treats, toys, special events. They know no other world than one where they are the center.

 Things revolve around them. 

Sure, they say "please" and "thank you" but those are just words.  The true meaning of appreciation must be learned. 

It is not their fault that they are not appreciative.  They are children.  They learn what they live, and they happen to live with people who are not currently setting a good example.

We are not bad people, my husband and I, but we are not good people either.  We occasionally go to church.  We never volunteer.  We sometimes go through the toys and clothes to "donate" to Goodwill but this is more in an effort to free up space rather than a kind-hearted gesture. 

We talk about being appreciative and thankful for the wonderful things in our lives.  Being grateful for everything we have.  We tell our children to "thank God" for family and friends, for a home, and food and people who love them. 

We tell our children to be appreciative and thankful and then we,

the adults,

sit around and complain that we are fat.  We complain that we don't have enough time or enough money.  We complain that we have too many obligations, too many plans.  Too many people who want to see us.  

We make lists of things.  Things we want to buy, to have, to own.  Things we "need" to make our lives, easier.   More convenient.   Better?

Do as I say, not as I do...isn't that how it goes?

The realization hit me like a bolt of lightening.  If I want my children to be more appreciative, I had better start practicing what I preach. 

Tonight when I get home, after I drag my weary body into the house I am going to remind myself to be thankful that I have legs. 

And arms. 

And a house to drag myself into. 

I am going to thank God for all of the blessings of my life. 

I am going to be thankful for my beautiful, healthy, amazing little brats. 

Tonight when I tuck their little bodies into bed I am going to lead by example and let each one know how much I appreciate them.
And then we are going to church


  1. Your children are fortunate to have a mom who is willing to ask the hard questions to make them better people. This is what parenting is all about.

  2. Amen sister friend! I worry about this all the time. And now with another Christmas and birthday season upon us, I worry what else they will receive and not appreciate... Just letting them know that we are trying to be better people is a good start :) LOVE YOU

  3. Thanks Stacej:) I appreciate the compliment! I hope I am making them better people or if nothing else - I hope I'm not making them worse:)

    Meg - You know I love you more than my luggage:)

  4. so had to teach kids at a young age. but good for you for recognizing that!!
    and regarding your comment on my blog... WMW is working mommy wednesday, where we talk about all things work, mom, and life. todays' prompt is whatever you want... (usually i have questions to follow), but since my computer is broke, didn't have much time.

    stop by and link up!

  5. Love this. I need to do that too...especially the going to church part.

  6. I sooo appreciate this blog... well said