Saturday, November 20, 2010

I heart Shutterfly.

In the
 big, broad blogosphere there are a few things that I am learning about. 
Contests, giveaways, and ethical blogger reviews to name a few. 
As I wade through the flood of information on "making it" as a blogger most of these concepts have floated by me without notice.  I find it challenge to wrap my head around all of the work, time and effort that this would take. 

 Read : ::NOT INTERESTED:: :

Enter Shutterfly 50 Free Holiday Card Promotion.

Hold. The. Phone.

Did they say 50 free cards? 
I have been a faithful Shutterfly user since 2003.  I don't know when the site itself actually began but I know when it changed my world. 

Shutterfly safely and securely houses the BILLIONS of pictures that I take of the life and times of the Dillsburg Robells

Shutterfly is my creative outlet when all else is lost.  My husband....not a fan. 

Shutterfly is my original "time suck." I have been known to spend countless hours, selecting, perfecting the images for photobooks and calendars that become cherished gifts.  Their offering include everything from standard prints to beautiful canvas Wall art and other Photo Gifts

Over the years I have made many purchases from Shutterfly and I have never been disappointed.

I experience sheer joy when the package arrives in the mail.  From the cheerful packaging to the crisp, well printed and consistently wonderful product inside Shutterfly Mail is one of my favorite things on Earth.

Each year around November the yearly debate begins, Holiday Cards:  Will we or won't we??

Husband:  Why do we need to send Christmas Cards?
Me:  Because they are beautiful, its a tradition, I don't ask for much ** the way, totally false,** because people love them, to see how much the kids have changed.
Husband:  Okay fine, do them NOW so that you are not running around on December 23 like a headless chicken.
Me: ...logging in...
Husband:  Do you need any help? 
Me:  ....silence...
Husband:  Erin, do you need help?  Addresses, labels, stamps?
Me:  ....more silence...
Husband:  Hello?  Er, are you gonna order them now?  Er, Er?  HELLO???
Me:  (in a zone....cannot be reached for further comment.)
 I heart Shutterfly.



  1. Good for you. By the way, I love the new card for 2010--it combines the best of winter and summer. So much fun to recall.

  2. I recently tried cardstore and fell completely and totally in love. I don't know about shutterfly but cardstore will actually address and mail all of your cards for you! All you have to do is go online and create them, and give the good people at cardstore the mailing addresses you want the cards sent to. I recently did a review of Cardstore. They gave me a code to give my friends a 20% off discount! Woohoo!

  3. Thanks Rebecca - I saw your review and it does look great!! I am madly in love with Shutterfly and will always stay true is good info to pass along to others about the cardstore:) Thanks!