Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the way down.

As my beloved stares down the 35 candles on his birthday cake I reflect on his self-described mid-life crisis. 

We have been celebrating birthdays together for eight years. I, for one, think they keep getting better even if the only factor this opinion is based on is my choice of hair color. 

He believes that the sun is setting on his youth.  He fears that he is getting old, slowing down.  Gone are the days his birthday held the promise of something exciting, something new.  

He longs for wide open horizons and new endeavors.  He worries they are gone.  Before he resigns himself to this life of sameness, he looks at me in earnest and asks me to consider having another baby. 

Oh, Buddy.

What he can't see because he is too close is that we are not on the down slide, we are merely on the precipice.  We aren't even at the halfway point.  I imagine us somewhere close to the one mile mark.  It was a crazy start and there is a long road ahead. 

 As he sits on the sofa covered in children looking at his birthday present project that was made with love I realize he may need to be reminded just how AMAZING we think that he is. it is my love.

You are a comforter. A cuddler.  A coach. 

You are "throw me." "Show me."

 "Chase me," "Carry me,"

"Catch me," "Can I?" 

You are a take-down teacher and tickle monster. 

You are consistent and caring.

You are conscientious and clever, and anything but cautious. 

Courageous, capable, charitable and considerate.

You are completely incredible
and we love you like crazy. 


You are footprints to follow.  Big shoes to fill. 
This is only the beginning my love...the possibilities are endless.  
And the answer is yes.  


  1. How wonderful that you did this for him. Your love is FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Thanks Blue:) I think we are pretty special too!

  3. Touching and beautifully written. You've only just begun...

    And as someone who is past the middle, know that it only gets better!

    It's a great ride!!!

  4. oh and this made me cry! BEAUTIFUL