Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Company You Keep

The lady is right...she does throw better parties than us. Last night the proof was in the pudding.

A few weeks ago my sister and I planned, arranged and hosted a 60th birthday party for our mother.  It was a lovely, well attended event, held at our childhood home. My sister and I were quite impressed with ourselves.

The next day I ran the five miles over to mom's house and joined her in the hot tub for the compulsory party analysis that follows any event in my family.  We discussed outfits and entertaining stories. 

We laughed about the quirkiness of the usual suspects and gushed about how fabulous certain guests looked.    My mother said that she was grateful for the bash that we had thrown in her honor and thanked me graciously.  However, the jury was back, the verdict was in, and after careful deliberation, she said, "I think Dad and I do a really good job, we are just better than you guys." 

And I have to agree. 

Last evening we attended my parent's Annual Christmas Party.  Held every December in their cozy cape cod that in recent years has been updated beautifully. 

The decorations are always fabulous, fashionable  and festive.  Beer, wine and conversation flowed freely.  The food was perfect, a little something for everyone, savory and sweet.

 What I realized last night was that the thing that makes my parents parties so special is the guest list.  The company is second to none. 

The small house was filled with wonderful people.  Old friends and new acquaintances.  Friendships that have stood the test of time and friendships revisited after years and years. 

As I moved from room to room and mingled with the people my parents call friends I considered the statement that is made by the company you keep. 

I felt blessed to have the opportunity to spend time with such genuinely wonderful people.  I have always known that my parents are unique but to see how special they really are you need to look to the company they keep. 

My Dad,
The Host with the Most

As I "grow up" and invest in adult relationships of my own I see how important it is to find other people who share my values.  My husband and I have been so fortunate to find friendships, some new, some old that I believe will withstand the test of time.  I hope that someday when my children are grown they too will be just as charmed by the company we keep. 


  1. Thank you. The best of the people present were my children. I'm so proud of you two.

  2. So true. It is important to make the time to host. I can tell you sad stories of people, whose homes I have helped "Pack Up", who never once used their china. "Too much work," but, yes, then no memories....

  3. HI, Lori here from A Day in Motherhood. Thank you for putting me on your blogroll! I appreciate it! ;) I have now added you to my Bloggers I Love page and follow you on GFC! Nice to meet you!

  4. the party was wonderful - the food was delicious - the people were special - and so was the daughter that got to write such a special tribute to her fun parents!! Looking forward to next years party:)!!

  5. i feel like a new mother wife cookie baker mitten finder runner and all around good fiend seeing the world thru your eyes makes me feel lucky to be related to you i love most all the looks into your life now if i can just find the dam comas and capital letters on this computer i will be in business KEEP UP THE GREAT WRITTING

  6. Thank you so much for all of you love and support of my writing!!! It means THE WORLD to me that you follow me and read my stuff!!

    All the best things that I am, I got from my family:) LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

  7. Thanks!! My favorite part is always hanging out with the ladies:)

  8. Thanks so much!!!! Nice to meet you too!! The connections are the BEST part of blogging:)

  9. and I think Dad loves you too:)

  10. I love to host - in fact, the hubs and I were just saying that we are rarely invited to other peoples houses....hmmm...guess we are just THAT good as host and hostess:)

  11. Great blog. Thanks for visiting me! My husband throws better parties than I do lol. I am not one for entertaining. Merry Christmas