Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - A Visit from Christmas Past

Chistmas 2004
Welcome Riley Henry! (3 months)
Christmas 2005
One singular sensation.
Riley Henry (15 months)

Christmas 2006
Riley Henry (3 years)

Christmas 2006
Double the Fun 
Welcome Owen David (6 months)
Christmas 2007
Owen & Riley (1 &3 years)

Christmas 2008
And then there were three...
Riley Henry (4), Owen David (2), & Avery Jessalyn (8 months)

Christmas 2009
Riley (5), Owen (3), & Avery (1)

Christmas 2010
Riley (6), Owen (4), & Avery (2)


  1. Every photo is just darling!!!!!!

  2. Thanks!! you are sweet - it's been a fun ride:)

  3. Remembered every picture (except the last one:) what a beautiful family!! Can't believe you posted while I was reading the last one - what a bonus!!

  4. Totally LOVE the photos of Christmas Past!

  5. wow!! that is GREAT timing! This is WAY past your bedtime!! Do your kids know you are awake? :) ha ha

  6. Thanks - I am a big fan myself:)

  7. Awesome photos. Riley seemed to like Santa as a 5 year old compared to when he was 3, but still great memories. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks!!! Riley was so funny his 3 yr. old year - he was very wary about this Giant Bearded man:) - now it is old hat - his siblings look to him to keep them safe:)

  9. You all keep getting better and better.