Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let's Wrap This Up

The plan was that I would drop Mini Monkey off at Grammy & Bapa's house and they would take her out for dinner.

The plan was that my love would then take Middle Monkey and Monster Monkey to see a high school wrestling match.

The plan was that I would take the ONE  MILLION presents out of the closet at my parent's house and drag them back to our house for sorting, wrapping, and storage. 

That was the plan.

Instead...I arrived at my parents house late and in my hurry to strap Mini Monkey into her car seat I inadvertently put my keys on the floor of their van that moments later pulled away from the house on course to enjoy a restaurant prepared pre-Christmas feast. 

I then proceeded to make 640 trips up and down the stairs lugging all of Santa's stash out to our van for transport.  I had just finished shoving the last of the three bicycles into the overstuffed space when it occurred to me that I didn't know where my keys were.

I started to look, in the usual places first, my purse, my pocket, the ignition.  Next, I searched the house, the ground around the car.  My heart sank as I looked woefully into the cabin of the van.  There was a good chance that the keys were left on the floor and covered with packages.

I knew that my only solution would be to unload the entire vehicle to see if the keys were present. So I did.

And they were not.

Around this time I could hear my cell phone ringing.  Amazingly, I was able to locate it. 

Keys?  Is that you?

No...It was my father.

"Hey kid!"  He said cheerfully, "We have your keys here.  Seems you left them in the back of our car." 

A new plan was required.

It ended up being a fantastic mistake.  One that I quite enjoyed.

I was stranded at my parents house.  There was nothing to clean or distract me from the job at hand.  No laptop to compose a blog upon, no emails to write.  No pile of laundry laying clean and forlorn on the bed begging to be folded.

There was a fantastic selection of coffee and a beautiful Keurig to brew a fresh cup.  All recent episodes of The Daily Show were DVR'd for my perusal.

The house was quiet and warm, delicious smells wafted up from the lovely and safe electric candles that my mother uses.
It was a soul soothing and productive ending.  Unexpected and much appreciated.  

In the end, after everything was wrapped and bagged, I sat back, sipping my coffee and surveyed my handiwork.  It was a Christmas fit for a king, or three little monkeys who deserve nothing less than the royal treatment. 


  1. I don't have kids. I'll never be a mother. Never will I worry about poopy diapers or which cartoon character is in vogue this season.
    Nevertheless, I adore your writing.
    Keep it up.

  2. Thank you so much Kelli!! Such a nice compliment! And I know from experience that you, as the mother of furbabies, have dealt with just as much poop as any momma:)

  3. I have a thing with losing keys too. ((hugs))

  4. The evening was just as hectic on my end of the activity, supervising a very lively two year old miss through dinner and the crowded mall just to kill time while her mom "wraps it up." None the less, it was lovely to get to spend some long overdue time with my grown up daughter to reflect about fun things past and to come. Loved it!!!

  5. Just think in 2 days all that will be left is a hugh mountain of wrapping paper, 3 overstimulated kids and 2 poor and tired patents. Who wouldn't love Christmas!! Keep making memories. As always you are the best!!

  6. Thanks Julie:) Such a compliment!! Run on Hot legs:)

  7. Thanks so much!! True story on the 2 poor and tired parents:)

    Can't wait to see you and yours!! Love you!!!!

  8. I loved it too Momma:) Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!!!

  9. Merry Christmas. I hope every single minute of it is just as wonderful as it can be. You deserve it.

  10. I love that you refer to your kids as monkeys. That's what my parents used to call us! Thanks for stopping by my site! I'm going to read more...when my kids aren't DEMANDING attention that is. Damn kids....mumble, mumble, mumble

  11. Merry CHristmas!

  12. Thanks!! You too - hope it fantastic!

  13. The "monkey" title is the most fitting!!

    I know, the kids keep getting in my way of having my own and reading many other FABULOUS blogs:)

  14. Thanks chica!! It was wonderful and I hope yours was as well!