Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's with Monkey - Entry #1

I am so happy to introduce a new feature to my little corner of the Blogosphere. 

"Tuesday's with Monkey" will feature the ingenious introspection and clever creations of my very fabulous six-year old son.  I am sure that most of his entries will center around Super Mario Brothers and other Wii games and that is fine with me.  I, for one, think this blog could use some good video game content. 

This is original artwork by Monster Monkey. 
He authored and wrote the sentence by himself (without ANY help) and was very pleased with his work. 
This is a portrait of Mario and Luigi in a race. 

This idea is the brilliant brain child of Momma on the Rocks.  She calls her endeavor "Project We" and I think it is just fabulous.

She, like many of us, suffers from "Lackoftime Syndrome" which is a devastating disorder seen most commonly in women with children however, it can affect anyone. 

The disease is characterized by an uncontrollable desire to do more things than are humanly possible and associated guilt feelings with those things that do not get done.

Lackoftime Syndrome has varying levels of severity.  Mild cases are often mistaken for disorganization and poor time management and can clear up without treatment.  Symptoms include fatigue, disorientation, and at times complete bitchiness. 

This disease ha been been prevalent for generations but has only recently become the focus of attention in the mainstream media thanks to afflicted Bloggers who have given it a voice.

There are many treatments that will improve the symptoms of Lackoftime Syndrome.  The most effective treatment is complete isolation for a period of two days accompanied by large amounts of cheese and chocolate.  Multiple good books and a strong Wi-Fi connection are also essential to this treatment.

There is limited access to the isolation treatment for most women afflicted with the disease.  Other treatment programs have been developed to improve quality of life for those living with Lackoftime Syndrome.  These include "blogging therapy," wine, coffee or other "happy juice"  and pleasant interactions with the small people who make mothering worthwhile.

I think that Momma on the Rocks developed this feature as means to treat her Lackoftime Syndrome. 
"Project We" allows her to spend time with her son and share the fun of blogging.  I think she is really on to something.  This morning as Monster Monkey and I positioned ourselves at our respective workstations and set about creating we definitely had the "vibe" going.  He was drawing and coloring, I was writing and photoshoping.  We might be separated by years and gender but we are truly two peas in a pod. 

I hope you enjoy this feature half as much as I enjoyed making it.  And if you don't....well, tough turkey:)


  1. The monster monkey is equally talented as his mother. Great work, both of you. How special it is to share his artistic talents with the world at large. Great idea.

  2. That's a really good drawing! Frame it and hang it on the front door!

  3. awww cute drawing =) I kept all my daughter's drawings =)