Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am the star.

Sunday night sounds fill the air.  Splashes, giggles, and shrieks as my two younger kids slosh around in the warm, soapy bath water.  The clothes dryer thumps it rhythmic cadence.  In a bathroom down the hall my oldest son is singing in the shower, having decided that six is "too old to take a bath."    My love is selecting outfits for the week for each of the kids and placing them into the weekly organizer bins that have truly revolutionalized my mornings. 

I am standing in the hallway listening to the sounds of my life.

As my Monkeys tumble out of the tub, wrapped tightly in terrycloth "envelopes" they scurry to thier respective rooms to put on Jammies.  There is a race to see who will get back to the bathroom first to be the "star." 

We have three towel hooks in the bathroom, the middle of which is a Starfish.  My children have decided that the star represents the hook of honor and each wants desperately to claim this as thier own.

As the battle ensues it occurs to me that perhaps I should intervene, but before I have a chance, my Middle Monkey shares a sage secret with his sister. 

"It doesn' t matter who gets to hang their towel on the star, Mommy thinks we are all stars."
The Mini Monkey nodded earnestly in understanding, satisfied with the statement and tossed her towel onto the Octopus hook. 

This statement, so simple, yet so profound, sums it up. 

Out of the mouths of Monkeys...

I guess we are doing something right. 


  1. You seem to be doing it perfect!! Congrats on the new addition (you better buy another towel hook fast)!!

  2. luv the towel holders & blue/orange decor! funky-fun-fresh ~

  3. I love those towels! Very smart little boy!