Friday, May 20, 2011

I Get a Kick Outta You

I am standing in the grocery line waiting to pay for my purchases when I feel it.   That movement so gentle but unmistakeably real. 

It startles me so much that I turn around suddenly, suprising the woman behind me.  Realizing my mistake I smile to myself. 

All the thoughts that had been floating through my worried mind scatter like leaves on the breeze.

That feeling, that nudge from deep inside reminded me that I wasn't alone. 

I remember the momement that I felt each of my babies move.  I remember the day, the season, the surroundings, the circumstances. 

I remember how with that one tiny movement everything seemed real. 

Monkey-in-the-Making...Can't wait to meet you!


  1. How sweet. We've decided we don't want kids, and I'm certain of our decision. But I hate that I'll never experience moments like that.

  2. it is pretty cool - but feels similar to a night with a bunch of tacos in your belly:)

    just saying...

  3. Mine hardly ever moved the entire time I was pregnant. Hiccups...felt those all the time. Actual kicks and rumbly rolls....not so much. How exciting though!