Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Least I Can Do

Like most of the world I followed the sad story of the death of two-year old Caylee Anthony and the subsequent trial of her mother Casey Marie Anthony. And like much of the world, I gasped when I heard that she had been acquitted of all murder charges by a jury of her peers in Orlando, FL.

It was with great shock and disbelief that I watched Juror #3 detail the lack of sufficient evidence and facts needed to convict Casey of the crime of Murder in the 1st degree.

And now as I sit in my bed, just a few feet from my own beautiful, brown-eyed beauty, I feel so helpless, so sad.

Is this really the best we can do for this sweet little girl?

Whether she was in fact chloroformed and killed as the Prosecution presented, or if she did indeed accidentally drown in the family pool as the Defense suggested, the fact remains that her precious life ended much too soon.   And I want to know how, HOW, she was left in limbo for 31 days?

How could this be?

How could anyone wait for 31 days to report a child, any child, let alone your own child missing?

How could you wait 31 minutes?

As a logical person I try to wrap my mind around this. Waiting for my child, not knowing that she was safe and secure. I can't fathom this.

Even right now, the notion that my daughter is anywhere but safe and warm in her bed prompts me to visit her bedroom to watch her sleep.

I can't reason it out. I can't justify the 31 day wait.

And so, in my own personal quest for justice for Caylee, I have found a way to do my part.  Even if it is "the least I can do."

A woman in Oklahoma, Michelle Crowder, wrote a petition to create a law that makes it a felony for a parent/ guardian to wait  to report a child as missing, beyond a reasonable amount of time.

How much time is reasonable, you ask?  I don't claim to know that answer but I am sure it is a hell of a lot less than 31 days.

Please click the link below and sign the petition.  It is, quite literally, the least we can do.


  1. I followed the case loosely, so I can't say that I feel she is 100% guilty. I think she is, but I don't have facts to back me up. But, the 31 days? That says something. Whether the death was an accident or on purpose, I suppose we may never know, but I think this woman had some kind of hand in it. And that she's going free is terrible.
    Jen Lancaster is an author/blogger. She pointed out that Casey stands to make a lot of money through book deals and movies and that we should not buy anything or watch anything. So, that's another thing we can do.
    I don't have kids, but I still can't imagine waiting so long. Its terribly sad.

  2. I totally agree Kelli about not endorsing any money making opportunities for Casey Anthony....the whole thing makes me ill:(

  3. Eff that! I can maybe see not being found guilty of 1st degree murder, but what about the child abuse? Seriously, to not know where your child is for 31 days....ummmmm could you say neglect? PFFFT whatever, this case has me soooo incredibly aggrivated with the criminal justice system....and when does Caylee receive her justice?

  4. I was more than obsessed with the case and literally sucked in my breath and held it after hearing her verdict. So sad.

    I've signed the petition. And passed it along!