Saturday, February 18, 2012

Now Head, Then Shoulders

"Where are you?"  My mom says into the phone. 

"I'm in HEAVEN."  I replied. 

It's is a mild Saturday morning in February and having registered Monster Monkey for the Spring 2012 Discover Engineering for Kids seminar I find myself seated at a tiny bistro table at Harrisburg Area Community College's Mid-town location.  With Mini-Monkey safely across town enjoying a playdate with her friend and Monster Monkey's mind being molded by the best and the brightest that the Engineering department has too offer, I have three glorious open hours ahead of me.  Unscheduled, unplanned, unadulterated time.

I have come here equipped with my laptop, iPod, Crackberry and books, so many books.  There is wi-fi, a TV, tables and quiet.  The sunny, open space with its giant warehouse windows and exposed pipes reminds me of my college days hanging out in the Cumberland Union Building, or CUB as it was known to us.  I had no way of knowing back then how to fully appreciate the nooks of space where a person could spread out on a colorful banquette to read, research, or write. 

I remember seeing people then, the older students, "non-traditional," we called them.  While I sitting waiting for friends to arrive I would watch these people who seemed so engrossed in the book they were reading or the journal they were writing in.  I remember feeling badly for these poeple.   "Isn't it sad that they don't have anyone to eat with, to be with?"

Oh, how little I knew... 

If I could put my now head on my then shoulders I would teach myslef a few lessons. 

1.  "You aren't tired!"  You don't even know from tired.   

2.  "You aren't busy. At all."   Five classes and a part time job...does NOT a busy person make!!!!

3.  "You are NOT fat."  Give your skinny ass a hug.  You'll miss it when it's really gone. 

4.  "Quit smoking."  Your kids will thank WILL want to be around for those last few years that each cigarette threatens to cut short.

5.  "You are gonna kiss some toads. When you see the handsome construction worker from New Jersey turn the corner at the graduation party, do not walk ---RUN---into his arms and NEVER LOOK BACK. "   It will be the best decision you will ever make. 

Now, If you'll excuse me, this exhausted, harried, non-smoking fatty has some reading to do...

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  1. Just Awesome! That is all that needs to be said. You made me feel like I was there enjoying the scenery w/ you. Perfect!