Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Calendar Mocks Me

I sit on a sofa with multi-colored dry erase markers and a magnetic refrigerator calendar that promises to revolutionize my life. 

I confrence with my husband about what dinners should be served on what nights.  Which ingredients we will need to purchase to deliver healthy and well balanced meals to our children.  We discuss the chores, the appointments, birthdays, family events, and the workout schedule that we intend to follow, delving into great detail about exactly how much time will be required for each item.

The calendar is a colorful representation of a five person family who has their act together.

With every moment accounted for, how could we go wrong?

Unfortunately as the week goes on and the well thought out meals are replaced by frozen pizza and french fries, the workout appointments are abandoned for snooze button sleep - the calendar mocks me. 

Calling out to me from the side of the fridge, "Hey you, look what you aren't doing, look how unorganized you are, look what a bad mother, cook, wife, and friend you are!"

Thankfully for me, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really does work.

With a few swipes the calendar is silenced until next Sunday. 

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