Saturday, October 9, 2010

Never Run with a Cell Phone

The text message reads "F-ck this, come get me." 

I am currently three miles into my six mile run and I am out of gas.  I am DONE and thankfully I have brought my phone with me and my husband is at home. 

I stagger forward, attempting to text and "run" at the same time wishing that a car would accidentally plow into me, allowing me to stop. 

My "thinking brain" knows that I can stop, but my "running brain" says, "don't you DARE."

I am currently not a fan of my running brain which incidentally sounds a lot like my celebrity training, Nike Pacing, fantastically fit and enthusiastic cousin, Kenley, who at this very moment is most likely on mile 17 for the second time today and is the reason for my pursuit of the half-marathon....I digress.

Usually my running brain is powerful enough to see me through to my goal but today was unaware that I brought my cell phone.  Fooled you running brain.

Note to self - when attempting a 6 mile run - always run in the privacy of your own treadmill. 

The sheer humiliation of having to be picked up on the side of the road, red faced and sweaty, gasping for breath was awful.  Having run past the houses with children playing in the yards and parents raking the leaves, waving and smiling.  "Look Mommy!  Look at the healthy, in-shape lady running!"

I dread driving back through. I hang my head in shame, as the parents shield their children's eyes.  "Don't look at the lady, she has no will power.  It could be contagious."

There is a slim chance that perhaps this isn't really how the last part went down but I believe it to be true. 

And the moral of this story is...never run with a cell phone.

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