Friday, October 15, 2010


Nothing puts things into perspective like a questionable pap smear result. 

You are no longer too busy to read a book to your two-year old. 

The intricacies of Mike Tyson's Punch Out for the Wii are fascinating when explained by your soon-to-be six year old. 

The task of drawing shapes on index cards to be cut out by your four-year-old who needs to become "more proficient with scissors" is suddenly savored.

You stop half listening to your loved ones and you engage completely.  You are living in the moment, taking in every second because you have been reminded quite harshly that there are no guarantees of a tomorrow.

In the coming days there will be MRI's scheduled, CT Scans, and panels of blood work.  There are unanswered questions and fruitless Google searches desperately seeking some kind of assurance for worries that have yet to be given a name.

Why does it take something scary, something overwhelming, something like the "C-word" to make you appreciate everything you have?

I guess that is the stuff of country songs and inspirational Oprah shows.

For my part, I am going to be proactive and relish the wonderful little things in life without having to go through the scare.  I am going to connect with my kids and bond with my husband, take time to pet my dogs.

I am going to gain some perspective about what really matters.

Right after I finish this blog, get myself another cup of coffee, and write the Exam for my first period students.  Then I need to get a shower and find something to wear.  Man, I have nothing that fits.  I need to lose weight.  My closet is a mess.  Crap - I forgot to send the Direct TV complaint letter.  I have to get stamps.  Do they sell stamps at Turkey Hill?  Maybe I'll get my coffee there and get some stamps.  Boys!!!  Why are you wrestling in my bed?  You are going to wake your sister!  Be careful not to spill my co.......CRAP - My coffee!!!!! I needed that coffee.  Ughhhh.  What a mess.  I have to go get something to clean this up.  I think there was something I was going to do? Can't remember...something about enjoying my life....oh well.  No time now.

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