Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cheese Flavored Chapstick

Hustling down the hallway this morning past groggy teenage students, barely awake as they meander into the high school, I reach into the pocket of my coat in the hopes of finding a chapstick.  I keep chapsticks everywhere and pretend that when applied, they make a person look, if not glamorous, then at least alive.

I feel something plastic and squishy and think to myself, "Ooooh!  Even better than chapstick, it's a lip gloss!! Gonna be a good day!" 

I pull the object out of my pocket as I near the main office.  I look down, fully prepared to apply the lip gloss and realize I am holding a warm, squishy cheese stick. 

Now, there are two things you must know before I go any further. 

First, I don't regularly wear coats.  Secondly, this particular brand of cheese stick has not been available in my house since sometime last year.  It is a testament to both food preservatives and plastic casing that this cheese stick was still intact and free of stench.

 I realize too late that I am now "that crazy teacher" standing in the main hallway of the high school, holding a cheese stick and laughing hysterically, students walk by me, shaking thier heads.   I put the cheese stick back in my pocket and continue walking - it wasn't a tube of lip gloss, but it sure did make my day.

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