Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In the meantime...

My husband hovers over me, smelling fresh from a shower, clean shaven save for a small patch of chin scruff ala Gerard Butler. It is 4:30 AM and he has been awake for days, house clean, coffee brewed, world peace solved.  

"Not feeling motivated, huh?" He asks smiling. 

He is a handsome man, and to me he is the kind of disarmingly handsome that can stop you dead in your tracks.  The first time I saw him this was a good thing, today....it is just obnoxious.

No, Captain America, I'm not.

On my to-do list for the day is a 3 mile run, a parent teacher conference, grades that are due by 3PM and a program budget that was due last week.  I have to finish a video project for a co-worker, I am four days behind on the word count for the novel project I recently undertook and I can not find my dresser under the mountain of clothing that is piled there.

On the success side, I currently know the whereabouts of one of the two family pets, I know for sure everyone was offered a healthy dinner last night and I am almost positive that all three kids are clean as I was the one to bathe two of them.

This lack of motivation has been brewing for days and I'm not quite sure of the cure.

In recent days I have not been a blogger, a novelist, a runner.  I've been phoning it in as a teacher and have been a "no call-no show" housekeeper.  

But in space between I have been reading with my children and getting extra snuggles.  I have been talking about where we would sail on a ship and explaining why you shouldn't pinch, even if someone calls you a cow. I have been counseling with my love about new job opportunities and our inability to follow any semblance of a weight loss regimen.  I have been a mother and a wife. 

I'll get my motivation back eventually, but in the meantime I'm going to leave my laptop safely in it's case and read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"  one - more - time.


  1. I phone in it to teaching as well.
    And as a wife.
    And as a mother.
    Feel your pain.

  2. Thanks E - I'm glad I'm not alone:)

  3. You know, when it comes right down to it, the stuff you are doing as a mama and wife is the important stuff anyway. Everything else is just gravy (even thought it's lots of fun!). I find I am the least effective when I have the most to do-- it's like I can't start anything because I want to do *everything*. So then I just try to make myself pick ONE things and resolve to do it well... One day at a time...one pile at a time. :)

  4. Thanks Becs:) I know my to-do list is long but I am getting better at prioritizing and becoming more okay with being less-than-perfect...(it's a struggle:)
    I love "one pile a time"
    my mom always says...It's like hearding cats:)

  5. Enjoying the moments is one of the toughest parts about being a mom. Like I mentioned about really being present. REALLY reading "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" instead of saying the memorized words while thinking about what you need to do next... That is something to be proud of!