Thursday, November 11, 2010


Mrs. Robell, I have a question....
Teacher lady, can you help me?
Erin Robell, please call extension 7421.
Mommy! Mommy....I can't find my shoe. brudder hitted me.
MOM! I need more batteries....
Er, Er...are you listening to me???

NO - NO - NO -

No to all of you.

Big FAT NO to you, sullen senior student with the giant hickey on her neck. to you, kid who can't be bothered to learn my name.  And...I think NOT to you, Administrator who has forgotten what life is REALLY like in the classroom.

No to you, the small one with the curly hair and the medium one with the devilish grin.  No to you, the big one with the attitude of a 16 year old but the birthday that says you are six.  Definitely NO to you the GIANT guy with the ambition of twelve people and the energy to match.

No - I am not listening.  I can't hear you.  I am closed.  I am done.  I am finished.

I want one hour of of silence. One hour of NOTHING.  No thoughts, no to-do list scrolling across the bottom of my brain like a news ticker.  No nagging pangs of guilt for the would be, could be and should be's of my life.

What I want is a  PAUSE button.  Can anyone find the remote?

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