Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I fell in love.

I was sitting on the floor of my daughters room and playing babies with her last night.  This is not a new activity or out of the ordinary in any way.  Her entire world really revolves around "babies." 

Anything can be a "baby" if you cover it with "blankie."  A shoe, a Transformer, a carrot. 

On this particular evening, however, the baby in question was actually a baby doll.  The Baby Alive doll was a gift from Santa and makes drinking noises like a real baby.  This was a fact that was overlooked on Christmas Day in all the excitement so you can imagine how excited she was to figure this out.

She is such a good little Mommy to her babies. Feeding, diapering, and brushing their teeth, she tenderly kisses each on the forehead.

As I watched my beautiful little girl lovingly feed her "baby" it occurred to me in a way that I had never before truly appreciated, that I have a daughter.   A little girl who will likely someday be a Mommy herself. 

I was flooded by a wave of emotions.  Images of my own mother watching in awe as I held my first born flashed in my mind.  I was suddenly aware of what an amazing gift it is to have a daughter. This daughter. 

Tears streamed down my face.  She turned to me and asked, "Mommy, why you cry?" 

"Because," I answer her, "I fell in love."


  1. Those unplanned tender moments.....perfect!

  2. Mothers and daughters are links of a chain of love that weave through every family throughout time. Our daughters are God's gift to mothers and a reminder to be our best selves because little eyes are imitating us. I thank God everyday for my lovely daughters (and granddaughter).

  3. How blessed we all are!

  4. What a wonderful gift of memories for your children- mine are in 2 boxes and three plastic bags!! Keep on doing what you do so great!!

  5. thanks momma - LOVE YOU!