Monday, January 3, 2011

McFatty Monday - Inaugural Post

Today is Monday, January 3rd, 2011.  It is the first Monday of the new year.  Fresh start.  Clean slate.  Yadda Yadda Yadda.

It is my first edition of McFatty Monday, a GENIUS idea that I am biting off of one of my bloggy faves, Spilled Milk.  She gives the credit to creator Heir to Blair.  I suppose with a genius idea like this one there is plenty of credit to go around. 

I am DEDICATING myself to losing weight and shaping up.  For real.  I want to leave the house sans black fleece zip-up vest, which has become my "uniform" due to its ability to hide the GIANT spare tire that has settled comfortably around my midsection.  See in the vest I almost look normal.

But I'm not... and so, here we go.

My Eating Plan:  (Week 1)
  • Eat Fish & Lean Chicken - MORE MORE MORE
  • Eat Processed Meats - LESS LESS LESS
  • Eat fruit & veggies - MORE MORE MORE
  • Eat chips & crackers (empty carbs) - LESS LESS LESS
  • Drink Water - MORE MORE MORE
  • Drink Diet Soda - NONE NONE NONE
  • Drink hot tea w/ lemon instead of eating after 7 pm.
  • Break the sweet tooth.  I'll snap that b!tch right off,  God help me!! 
  • Coffee with skim milk & only serving of sugar free creamer.  (I can't - CAN. NOT. - live without my coffee and I'll kill anyone who tries to make me.  I swear I'll kill them. In a nice way.)
 My Exercise Plan:  (Week 1)
  • Monday - Strength Train
  • Tuesday - Run 3 miles
  • Wednesday - Run 2 miles
  • Thursday - Run 3 miles & Strength Train
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - 30 mis Cross Train (Wrestling Matches = chasing 2 year old around a sweaty gymnasium for six hours)
  • Sunday - 4 mile run
I digress.

Stats:  +30

Mood:  HUNGRY, Hopeful, Happy, Hippopotamus


  1. You look great. Not at all McFatty.

  2. I agree - totally support your decision but McFatty you are not.

    And.... the reason why I'll always battle weight issues is something about McFatty makes me hungry. And now I'm craving a Big Mac. how the heck did that happen! ;)

    LOL Happy New Year!

  3. I agree with previous comments in that you look great! BUT... I know what it feels like to not like the way you feel, and that's what matters. Focus less on the weight and more on how great your body will feel if you change your diet and keep on running!

    I swear just cutting out the empty carbs and replacing diet soda with lots of water, you will feel energy like you haven't felt in years! GOOD luck with the sweet tooth... the only thing that works for me with that is all or nothing, but you are a stronger woman than I! Focus on what makes you feel good! YOU CAN DO IT!

    don't forget prayer and spiritual health... Hot tea and prayer go a long way to get you through the evening munchies! LOVE YOU

  4. I am on the health train as well!! Weight watchers here.

  5. Thanks babycakes!! I will be taking the spiritual route A LOT!!! I am CERTAINLY not any stronger than you - you are my role model - I am in awe of YOUR strength!!!

  6. Thanks J - You are funny about the Big Mac!! You are my inspiration!! Run on Strong one!!

  7. Thanks but trust me - the vest hides a MYRIAD of sins - I really just want to feel better, stronger, and more in control!!

  8. I have heard such GREAT stuff about WW - I have tried to follow along with my SIL sometimes - right now I am sort of counting calories....or something....

  9. Love the plan. And no worries on the coffee....I am not giving that up either but I have added more tea to the diet and more decaf as well.

    You will love how you feel by eating leaner. It won't just be in the weight loss but in your mindset as well.

  10. thanks for the encouragement!! I know that healthy food will make a huge difference in my energy level!