Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Day

I can't say I'm sorry to see 2010 go.  It was a year of ups and downs to rival the greatest roller coaster.  I wish I could say that in my memory it will be the year that my monster monkey lost his first tooth and the year that my middle monkey saw the Harlem Globetrotters with his best friend.  I wish I could say I'll remember it as the year that my littlest monkey grew big girl pigtails.   I wish I could say that, but I can't. 

2010 is the year that I almost lost everything that ever mattered to me.  And that is how it will stay. 

But.  2011 is a new year.  A fresh start.  A clean slate.

And so here are 11 things I would like to accomplish in 2011.

1.  Honor my boundaries.  The boundaries I set for myself and the boundaries that we establish for our children.  Boundaries like spending only 1 hour per day on the Internet/ DS/ Computer/ Wii.

2.  Fit into my pre-pregnancy clothing.  Yes, my mini monkey is 2.5 years old and most of the clothing in reference here is no longer in style but that is beside the point.  I would like to know that I can, if I am so inclined, wear a middle rise, dark denim wash pair of boot leg Gap Jeans from 2002. 

3.  Attend Mass 52 weeks in a row.  I am Roman Catholic.  I married a Roman Catholic.  Growing up both of our families attended Mass weekly, without fail, for 20 years.  I can't figure out what seems to be our excuse.

4.  Finish my blogs in the morning or not at all.    On the days that I don't finish my blog in the morning, it drives me to distraction for the rest of the day and I spend every extra moment on the computer forsaking my job, husband and children to complete a blog that only matters to six people.

5.  Keep my morning routine.  If I wake at a consistent 4 AM then I have time to fit it all in.  I thrive on routine and schedules.  Everything goes to shit without it. Nuff said. 

6. Drink more water.

7.  Complete a Tough Mudder on April 11th with my husband.  Dear GOD, I am heartily sorry for having place this item on my "Things To Do List"  - Please don't make me...Love, Erin

8.  Register and run in the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia on May 1st, 2011.  10 miles. Easy Peasy.

9.  Register and run in the Harrisburg City Half Marathon in September.  Oh. Dear. God. 

10.  Organize my files.  This includes files on my school computer, my laptop, my home PC and all of my photo files.  See you in 2020.

11.  Prioritize my time commitments, keeping my family #1 ALWAYS. 

So there it is.  My list of things I want to do in 2011. 

Looks like I'll be busy, but in my spare time I'd love to read what's on your agenda.  What's on your agenda?


  1. I haven't set any goals because I will automatically fail when I set a standard for myself. It's a curse, I tell ya. Good luck with all of yours!!!

    You WILL do that 1/2 marathon in September...9 months to get ready. :)

  2. Thanks blue!! I am pumped for the 1/2 - I know it I can do it too:)

  3. My goal is to fit into my pre pregnancy clothing too. Oldest is almost 6 and youngest is almost 4....and if they fit, I will wear them......because I'm cheap and that overrides stylish.

  4. That is funny! Good luck to you!!!

  5. my 1 goal: to not take my 6 year old's wrestling matches so seriously...esp. since I am well aware that professional, collegiate, or even high school wrestling is out of the question!
    Sorry for the obnoxiousness :p