Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday with Monkey(s) - Entry #2 (Double Feature)

Today's entry is brought to you by snow and freezing rain.  Delivering two-hour delays to oversleeping teachers for countless years. 

Today's delay allowed for running, blogging with my boys, AND a much needed shower. 

This is a picture of Monster Monkey (blue) "playing" with Middle Monkey (red). 
The sentence is composed by Monster, using the Kid-Write Technique:)
This is a picture of me drawn by Middle Monkey.  I think the likeness is uncanny
as I do currently have "boy hair" and "willy willy wong wegs."

(I know I did:)


  1. I willy willy vow it--less I do!

  2. The willy willy wong wegs.......amazing and i love it!