Friday, May 13, 2011

Facebook Failure

I am a Facebook failure.  A Twittertard.  A LinkedIn loser.

I am not a person who is skilled with boundaries, as has been referred to in earlier posts.  I lack follow through and I am easily distracted. 

Facebook, for me, is like crack. 

I spent nearly one entire year in the blue glow of the computer screen finding the perfect, witty status update to best represent every event of my life.  Endlessly updating photos and videos, I was the most attentive "friend" that ever existed in the social media realm. 

There was NOTHING I didn't know about EVERYONE. 

Kid who sat two seats behind me in third grade, I could tell you exactly what day his sister-in-law was due to deliver her twins.  I could give you details that would startle the CIA.  

If only I had been as attentive to my own family. 

I missed one year.  A year of life spent tucked away behind my laptop.  Updating about my life instead of living it. 

And then I left.  I deleted my account.  I cut ties with all contacts digital.  I entered social media Siberia. 

And I got my family back.

Somewhere in the interim, I found blogging.  When I started, I promised my love that I would not become "the woman behind the screen"  and I have held up my end of the bargain.  

For his part, he is incredibly supportive of my blogging and the creative release that it brings me. 

In the beginning he had big plans for his talented writing wife.  I was to be the next "Big Blog" and he would quit his job to manage my fortunes.    Hold your horses there, Slappy. 

I quickly schooled him on that action by showing him the 6 month result of my AdSense "earnings." 

"$5.35 ?!?!?!!?  - WTF????" He exclaimed!  "How are you supposed to live off of this???"  He asked, clearly in shock.

"Ummm, you're not."  I replied.

Blogging is not about making a living, its about recording our life.  It is my version of verbal scrapbook.  And I love it.

So...even as I tip toe back onto the social media scene with full spousal support, I am going to try to keep perspective.

It is not really approval from "others" that I seek, although more followers wouldn't hurt. 

The real kick is the satisfaction of knowing that I am saving our stories for someday. 

And that is the real reason I blog.

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  1. I agree that I blog to record what's going on, but the nice comments during tough times hold me up (sometimes it feels better when the internet holds me up than when family holds me up...) and it's nice to get laughs from the bloggy world and I just love this place......