Sunday, May 15, 2011

In a Pinch.

My mother approaches the world armed with a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors and a can-do attitude.  There is NOTHING that the universe can hurl at her that she can't fashion into something wonderful. 

If you ask her what she truly fears, the answer may surprise you. 

You would not hear the standard, "I fear something happening to my family"  or "I fear a nuclear holocaust."  No, no, not my mom. 

She has virtually no fear.  Except for the fear of stale snack foods.  

My mother is, was and always will be obsessed with the proper storage of food.  She has been known to utilize masking tape to reconstruct a cookie box.  She will happily save a pretzel bag with 3 tablespoons of salt and crumbs as long as said bag can be securely closed with a chip clip. 

The sheer volume of items in my mother's pantry that require a secure closing require her to be resourceful as the "Chip Clip" factory could never actually produce enough to satisfy her need.  She will instead find any number of solutions to counter this "stale" situation, including, but not limited to, tape, staples, close pins and most recently the "Hangar Pinch." 

That's right.  Something else you should know about my mother is that she is a God-Damn Genius. 

Allow me to introduce you to the "Hangar Pinch." 

You know those extra hangars you have lying around?  Well - put them to good use.  Simply snap the ends off and "Voila!" 

Make-shift chip clip. 


But hey, what would you expect from the woman responsible for molding a mind like mine???


  1. That's awesome. You should submit this to win a prize on repurposing websites or something.

  2. My favorite repurposing I have invented is turning my amazing offspring into two of my favorite friends! They are truly amazing (as are my mini inventions)