Monday, October 31, 2011

What's One More?

The population of the universe is said to be reaching seven billion on this Halloween but more significant to me is the poplulation of my household, which recently was increased by one.  One very small, very wonderful increase. 
We are now a family of six and therein lies a problem.  I like to be perfect, or at least give off the illusion that things are easy.  And...well...they are not.  Not at all. 

For a long time when people would exclaim, "Four kids?!?!?"  I would reply, "When you have three...what's one more?"

The answer is as follows:

"One more" is
  • more laundry - like three loads a day
  • a dishwasher that NEVER stops running
  • more of them and less of me
  • more dates to remember, more appointments to keep
  • a new face, a new name, a new love
  • more directions to be pulled in
  • more people to put in the car
  • more coffee required to function
  • less sleep than ever before 
  • new appreciation for my partner
  • more whining
  • more crying
  • more yelling
  • a new level of guilt to feel
  • new ways to be late to EVERYTHING
  • more laughs and more smiles
  • more moments to treasure
  • more memories to make
  • more faces at our dinner table
One more has rocked my world in the best way ever.  

The last four weeks have been amazingly crazy.  I am embracing every minute becuase this is the last one.  I am soaking in every last drop of sweet baby smell.  The feel of soft baby hair against my face.  The sound of his noises, the feel of his breath.

I am full of inspiration, busrting with creative impulse but left with little energy or time to bring anything to fruition.   This is why it has taken four weeks to piece together a simple blog post.  I am going to try to get over the fact that my posts will likely be imperfect and but important none-the-less. 

Each post is a record of our lives, part of our story.  Disjointed and deficient they may be but good enough for now. 

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  1. Just a beautiful picture of mom and babe. It brought back all those smells and feelings and my baby is almost 6.
    God bless you all